It will be necessary for you to log into our Registration Page prior to photo day at your child's Centre

The link for this page will be given to you by the Preschool - it will be emailed and/or put on the Kinder Facebook page as well as flyers displayed on the notice board

We will require your Child's Full Name & Group and an Email address

It will not be possible for you to view your child's gallery of photographs unless you complete registration

At some Centre's we will not take your child's individual photographs unless we have registration information

When all galleries are processed & uploaded to our website, we'll email a link and password for you to view your photographs

Your email address will only be used to communicate with you regarding your child's photos. There will be an automated reminder email sent 3-4 days before the Due Date for orders to be placed. We then deliver all orders in bulk back to the Preschool

You can place your photo order at any stage however, if you don't submit your order by the Due Date, there will be additional postage and/or late fees